Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And there was joy indeed...

After receiving a lot of  encouragement to this end, I am going to post a series of "conversation starters"--writings about being in motion, boys and following Jesus. The goal is to be an encouragement to you as you encourage the men in your life as the seek to follow Jesus.

One major application point, if you are looking for one: I would strongly suggest these be incomporated into life "as you are going" with the going part, being taken very literally. Grab your boys, read the verses (or memorize them, and then you are even more mobile!), and then find a way to ask questions, think thoughts together, and plant seeds while moving. There is something very Spirit-like about meditating on the word of God while in motion. I believe that it is worthwhile to engage in habits of structured play, exercise, or training in an intentional way. Seek out the opportunity to be in motion, build relationships, and follow the Spirit together.

As in all things, listen to the Spirit, and respond to him. If you'd like to respond and talk with me about these things in more specific contexts, drop me a note at

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