Friday, March 16, 2012

Daily Bread

I make known my requests having waited awhile,
Asking for "our daily bread,"
Surely the time has come for my blessing, Lord?
But you show up and speak to me, instead.

"I have asked you to serve me (not I you)
Waiting upon my voice and requests,
So why must you nervously worry,
Busy heart refusing to receive rest?

You've been called alongside as a servant,
He doesn't live to serve you,
I AM your bread and your portion,
Look to me, I'll carry you through.

You thought surely now conviction would fall,
You'd be lifted up, exalted, relieved,
But in my delay, your pride is revealed,
Trust my ways, seek my face, and believe!

I'll get to him in my time,
Don't you worry, I'm not yet through:
I'm using this journey to make you BOTH holy,
There is work to be done in YOU, too!

I will do what I have promised,
But not in the timing you'd prefer,
Meanwhile please bask in my presence,be a blessing, laugh more quickly,
To my mysterious ways, do defer.

And when I say the right time has come,
You'll have no reason to doubt,
I'll get things done to the praise of my glory,
And won't even need your help, you'll find out.

So hope against hope and sing praise to my name,
Relax and trust in me to get things done.
Be thankful, and follow my Spirit as I lead you,
And for now, get yourself outside- go run!

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